Japanese Beverage Report: Gooey Fanta

I don’t think that it’s actually called Gooey Fanta, but I can’t read Japanese so I don’t know what its real name is. In any case, I tried the orange flavored Fanta today.

IMG 0129

Notice the little pictures of oranges and grapes shaking cans. It was impressed upon me that you have to shake this stuff vigorously before opening it, so I did. There seems to be some explanation also, but again I can’t read it.

IMG 0130

Isn’t there something faintly cannabalistic about a bunch of grapes merrily shaking a can of grape soda? Anyway, I shook the stuff up and tried it. It’s very much like orange soda with little bits of orange Jell-o floating in it. I think that the gelatinous stuff fizzes a little if you happen to press a lump of it against the roof of your mouth with your tongue.

It’s definitely better than the Capsela–kind of good, even. I’m not sure whether it would catch on in the American market since it is odd to find faintly slimy stuff in your soda. (I don’t know whether it’s catching on in the Japanese market, for that matter.) I wonder whether it comes in lime–that could be excellent. (Lime was always my favorite Jell-o flavor.)

By adam

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  1. it reads in Japanese (from top)

    ??????(After Cool it)
    ??????(approximately 10 times)
    ???????(Vigorously Shake it)
    ????(Furu Furu) (Note: ?????mean to shake, so you could translate this as SHAKY SHAKY)
    ?????(Sheika- = Shaker)
    ?????????? (Orange/Grape Flavor)

    Sorry for late translation

  2. where is it available besides japan? taiwan’s biggest company drink is coming up with a new drink with exactly the same concept and ingredients (I guess). Would this be legal??

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