Back from the Dead

As you may have noticed, this site went offline since early on January 2. If you sent email to either me or Tracie between then and yesterday, it bounced. The short version of the story is that the service that hosts had a massive hardware failure and it wasn’t until a few minutes ago that my website was fully restored. Email started working on Wednesday, but if you sent something to a address between Friday evening and Wednesday evening, it was probably lost. Please re-send anything which was bounced back to you; I have no other way of knowing what was lost. I also have fallen behind on email that arrived shortly before the outage, for which I apologize, particularly to two of my cousins.

The telling of the long version of the story will have to wait. Between dealing with this failure and the long hours I’ve put in while finishing Audio Damage’s latest product I’m so tired of computers that I can hardly stand to look at one.

By adam

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