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Studio Nebula is the business name under which Adam Schabtach works as a consultant, software and hardware engineer, and recording musician. I am the co-owner and chief engineer of Audio Damage, Inc. and the sole owner of Paper Jade, LLC. You may have also seen my name in the about-boxes of Cycling 74’s Max/MSP and Pluggo, both of which I worked on while employed by Cycling ’74. In the past I have worked for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, XVT Software (makers of cross-platform development tools in the years when java was a beverage and not a programming language), and Sun Microsystems. I’ve also written a few articles for Recording magazine.

Contact info: My email address is adam [at] studionebula [dot] com and my AIM ID is studionebula.

6 thoughts on “About studionebula.com

  1. Hi Adam
    Brian Koelling got in contact with me last week. He just sent me your site. Wow Adam… great to see you. Sounds like you have been very busy. Congrats on the business etc. More later.
    Best wishes, Jackie Healey from Eugene

  2. Hi Adam. Haven’t talked to you in awhile. Nice to see you’re in the world still!


  3. Hey Adam,
    I am stuck in Pro Tools land, (I know, I know) but do you think you guys will ever do an RTAS version of your plugs?

  4. Nope, never, and you can thank Digidesign for that. We released our first products in RTAS format but got screwed shortly thereafter by Digi.

  5. I have been meaning
    To stop by your house for tea
    But I never do

    (a long overdue Haiku for Adam)

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