Blog Open Again, Sort Of

While there is no evidence here, I’ve been spending some time on this website again. I downloaded the 30-day trial of Dreamweaver and started building a new site with it. It’s a very nice program, but I came to a few conclusions. First, it’s way more than I need in terms of site design. It does all sorts of neat stuff, much of which I’ll never use and can’t be bothered to learn. Second, I now find site design and construction to be deadly dull work. I mean, it’s so screamingly dull that I can’t stand it. If I wanted to build web sites, I’d still be working as a web engineer for Rational Software. Third, given what I have in mind for my web site, I really need some sort of active-content thing. I need to be able to add articles, news items, and random little things (like this). I don’t want to have to fire up Dreamweaver just to post something about how the honeysuckle we planted last year has lots of leaf buds on it now (which it does), particularly since Dreamweaver’s license won’t let me put it on every computer in the house. Fourth, I can’t quite see spending $400 on Dreamweaver, given the previous points.

So, I’m back to thinking that WordPress is the way to go. I realized that I needed (or at least wanted) a more sophisticated layout than what I was using before, so I hunted around a bit and found a nice, three-column theme which is what you’re looking at now.

I have no predictions about how often I’ll actually post something here, but at least I think I’ve finally settled on this system for this site.

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