As Predicted: the Mighty Mouse Sucks

In my posting of initial impressions about the Intel iMac, I went on at some length about how awful the Apple Mighty Mouse is. I promptly replaced mine with a vastly superior Microsoft mouse, but Chris kept using his. Today he told me that the scrolling ball on his has died altogether, after acting unreliably since a week or so after he started using it. As he observed when it started acting up, there’s no way to clean the scrolling ball. Since anyone who’s old enough to remember using mice before they had optical tracking knows, mouse balls get dirty and have to be cleaned. (That’s one reason why optical mice were invented and took over the market.) The ball in Chris’s mouse finally got gunked up enough that it no longer works.
Chris received his iMac in Feburary, so that means his mouse failed after about three months of daily use. That’s not very impressive; I have mice that are still going strong after years of daily use.

By adam

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