Robert Rich Concert

12708Robert Rich played a concert in Lafayette, which is just outside of Boulder, on May 12. Sadly the show was badly under-promoted so only a small number of people attended. (Hint to would-be concert promoters: if you want radio stations to help with promoting your show, you need to contact them about a month in advance, rather than on the day of the show.) Robert put on a fine show anyway. It was a treat to see him perform live after listening to his CDs for so many years. It was also great to get a few minutes to chat with him both before and afterwards. I always enjoy talking to him; I wish I had more opportunities to do so.

I took a few photos which you can see by clicking here. The room was very dark because Robert has a low-tech (but quite pretty) laser projector, and projects a rather remarkable video during the second half of his show, so the exposure and focus of these photos are kind of odd. (Sadly I’ve forgotten the name of the video artist.)

By adam

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