Garden Visitor

I found a toad in the front flower garden this morning. It’s the second one I’ve found in front of the house recently. I don’t know whether they’re coming from the creek behind the house, the lakes across the street, or somewhere else. I transported the first one to the creek, figuring that he(? she?) would be happier near some water. I left the second one alone, figuring that maybe he wanted to be there, or at least he could find his way to some place that he preferred. As Tracie said, he had a reason for being there. That led me to ask (rhetorically) whether toads have reasons for their actions. In any case, he was pretty cute. read more

Announcing Discord 2

Audio Damage is pleased to announce the release of Discord 2, the new and much improved version of our popular pitch shifter plug-in. Although this one took longer than we expected, it was worth it. I’m really pleased with how it came out, and initial reports from our customers are quite positive.

You can read all about it, hear audio demos, download the manual, and buy it at the Audio Damage site. It’s $49 or $10 if you own a previous version. I can honestly say that there is nothing like it for even three times the price, and nothing like it at all in the host-based plug-in market.
D2 screenshot.jpg read more

Hot and Dry

To say that it’s been hot and dry around here recently is something of an understatement. Yesterday the temperature peaked at just under 100 degress Farenheit and the humidity dropped to 5%. There is a nifty website here that provides weather data from sensors a couple of miles from our house. (It is more accurate than the NWS data because there is a small ridge between us and the nearest NWS station.) The following graph is from yesterday:

Judging from how the humidity graph flattens out, I suspect the sensor’s lower limit is 5% and the humidity actually fell below that. read more

The Calm After the Storm

I’ve been working away on Discord 2 recently–and not so recently, given how long it’s turning out to take. Sometimes our projects come together easily, and sometimes they fight me every step of the way. This one is falling on the latter end of the spectrum, but we’re finally in the home stretch now.

All of the features and tricky bits of DSP were sorted out in a VST version, but the AU version has been particularly problematic. I spent days beating my head against a series of very perplexing misbehaviors. Things were crashing in really odd ways for no readily apparent reason. I finally found the fundamental error late yesterday; it was, of course, a mistake that seemed terribly stupid in retrospect but eluded me for days. It’s always sort of an odd realization to find an answer like that. There’s joy and relief, of course, but also a bit of frustration with having spent so much time chasing wild geese that had nothing to do with the actual error. It creates a few moments of strange calmness, and then I fix the stupid thing and move forward with whatever it was I was trying to do in the first place. read more