Gear For Sale

I’m selling off some old gear that I haven’t used in awhile. Here’s the list:

  • Clavia Nord Modular, first version (not the G2), rackmount
  • Electrix WarpFactory vocoder sold
  • Korg AM8000R multi-effects processor sold
  • Doepfer Drehbank
  • MXR phase 100, original (pre-LED) version
  • Zvex Lo-Fi Loop Junky sold

Chris kindly posted the list on his blog which gets far more traffic than mine. Click here to go there for more information, prices, etc.

Attention Instrumentalists: Don’t Sell Out

I have this pet peeve: it really bends me out of shape when musicians known for their instrumental releases start putting out material with vocals. I’m listening to the latest Michael Brook CD, RockPaperScissors. It’s a nice disc–or at least the first three tracks are, which is as far as I’ve gotten–with all of the musical sensitivity and production quality that I expect from Mr. Brook. However, I’ve now twice been jarred by someone’s voice. It’s not that I have anything against vocalists per se, but I tend to prefer instrumental recordings and I’m really bummed that someone chose to put some guy reciting some obscure text over the top of what otherwise is a nice track. It’s like finding a dead fly in your mug at a microbrewery as far as I’m concerned–not at all what one had in mind when one sat down. read more

Nice Laptop Bag

I purchased a new laptop computer recently–a snazzy new Lenovo X60 convertible Tablet PC. Eventually I’ll say more here about the computer itself, which is my first tablet and quite a fun device. First, though, I’d like to mention the nice case I found for it.

The computer is a somewhat unusual shape for a laptop; it’s smaller than average and is nearly square. This means that finding a case for it is something of a challenge. Lenovo sent me a case as part of a promotional offer (“Free Shipping! Free Messenger Bag Carrying Case!”) which is a nice enough bag for what it is, but it’s completely the wrong size for the computer–it’s far too big. No, I don’t know what they were thinking. read more

Progress in Robotics

Okay, I’m still getting over my disappointment that it’s the 21st century and yet we stil don’t have flying cars or moon bases, nor are we wearing jumpsuits with metallic trim or eating food pellets and Tang for breakfast. However, we are making progress in the field of robotics: we now have a robot guinea pig.

Apple Admits Computers Aren’t Their Main Biz Any Longer

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Quoting from today’s coverage of MacWorld: “In a startling acknowledgement of what has become obvious, Jobs announced the change of his company’s name from ‘Apple Computer Inc.’ to ‘Apple Inc.'”

Quite frankly, I’d be far more excited if Steve had announced that they’d finally fixed the cross-platform networking bugs in OS X than I am about Apple making cell phones.

Bill Mitchell Deserves a Monument

Who’s Bill Mitchell, you say? According to this article on Retro Thing, Bill Mitchell was a food chemist who invented Tang, Kool Whip, Jell-o Instant Pudding, and Pop Rocks, and presumably a number of less memorable General Foods products. This genius deserves national recognition. Mr. Mitchell passed away in 1994, but that doesn’t mean we can’t honor his memory. Maybe a statue in his home town, at least.

More Snow

Another snow storm arrived here last night. This one isn’t predicted to be another blizzard, but there’s already a good 15cm or so of snow on the ground and it’s still coming down. The interesting thing about this storm is its proximity to the previous one. It’s quite unusual to have two substantial snowfalls this close together. I can’t recall it happening as long as I’ve lived here (since ’83, that is) and someone at the grocery store remarked that she hadn’t seen it happen and she’s lived here since ’76. Two anecdotal accounts aren’t worth much of anything, but it’s certainly unusual to get this much snow in such a short period of time. read more

Audio Damage Announces Replicant

I’m pleased to announce that we just released our latest product. Replicant is a real-time beat slicer and loop mangler with automatic filters and panning and a host of randomization features. Click here to reach the product page on the Audio Damage website.