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I purchased a new laptop computer recently–a snazzy new Lenovo X60 convertible Tablet PC. Eventually I’ll say more here about the computer itself, which is my first tablet and quite a fun device. First, though, I’d like to mention the nice case I found for it.

The computer is a somewhat unusual shape for a laptop; it’s smaller than average and is nearly square. This means that finding a case for it is something of a challenge. Lenovo sent me a case as part of a promotional offer (“Free Shipping! Free Messenger Bag Carrying Case!”) which is a nice enough bag for what it is, but it’s completely the wrong size for the computer–it’s far too big. No, I don’t know what they were thinking.

Naturally I started shopping online for an appropriate case. I wanted to find a sleeve case rather than a full-sized case because I want to put the computer in a sleeve and the sleeve in my Tom Bihn messenger bag. I bought this bag awhile ago and still use it, but its sleeve doesn’t fit this computer. Naturally I checked Tom Bihn’s site for a new sleeve, but they don’t make anything that fits this computer. Also I was not entirely happy with the second bag I bought from them. The sleeve didn’t fit the computer I was traveling with at the time, even though it was supposed to. The outer bag, a backpack, was nicely constructed but not very well designed. I sold it after using it only for our trip to Italy.

While googling for information about Tablet PCs I found a reference to sleeve cases by WaterField Designs. Looking at their site I was delighted to discover that they have over 40(!) different sizes of sleeves and a very comprehensive reference chart for determining which sleeve is right for a given computer. It even mentions that my computer could use either of two sleeves depending on whether or not it’s equipped with a high-capacity battery. They also provide lots of options (closure flap or simple velcro strap, horizontal or vertical orientation, strap rings or not, and a “piggyback” extra pocket) and photos of all of the options. I was sold.

I put in my order and received the case in less than a week. In the mean time someone sent a personal note thanking me for my order and apologizing that they couldn’t ship it more rapidly. (I wrote back and told them that no apology was necessary–I mean, geez, I hardly expected a custom-built case to ship on the same day I ordered it.) I also received a personal note from someone else when the bag went out, a day sooner than forecast by the first person.

The bag is very nice. It fits the computer perfectly. The inside is lined with some sort of soft material so I won’t worry about scratching the screen if I hastily put the computer in the bag when it’s in tablet configuration. The outside is heavy-duty black nylon with some sort of nifty checkerboard trim cover on the bottom edge. The strap hardware is all metal, rather than plastic (except for the adjustment buckle). The strap itself is just a simple strip of nylon webbing but for a computer as light as this one I don’t need anything more elaborate. (WaterField Designs offers a more elaborate strap if you need one.) The seam work is flawless. The invoice was personally signed, too.

Altogether I’m very pleased with the case and with the service I received while purchasing it. Yes, the case was more expensive than cases mass-produced in China, but a mass-produced case wouldn’t have fit my computer, probably wouldn’t have been made as well, and certainly wouldn’t have been sold to me by a company staffed with three people who took the time to contact me personally. WaterField Designs is now my first choice for laptop cases or cases of any sort. (They make lots of cases: iPod cases, camera cases, PSP cases…)

The mass-produced case from Lenovo is now up on eBay.

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