Attention Instrumentalists: Don’t Sell Out

I have this pet peeve: it really bends me out of shape when musicians known for their instrumental releases start putting out material with vocals. I’m listening to the latest Michael Brook CD, RockPaperScissors. It’s a nice disc–or at least the first three tracks are, which is as far as I’ve gotten–with all of the musical sensitivity and production quality that I expect from Mr. Brook. However, I’ve now twice been jarred by someone’s voice. It’s not that I have anything against vocalists per se, but I tend to prefer instrumental recordings and I’m really bummed that someone chose to put some guy reciting some obscure text over the top of what otherwise is a nice track. It’s like finding a dead fly in your mug at a microbrewery as far as I’m concerned–not at all what one had in mind when one sat down.

Don’t even get started about people who put recordings of their baby’s vocalizations on their albums. That needs to be banned.

By adam

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