Teeny Indoor Greenhouse

How this came about is sort of a long story, but the short version is that I built a teeny greenhouse for a basil plant out of K’nex and plastic wrap. As you can see in the following photo, it has made this basil plant quite happy. The structure is about 30 inches tall at its peak, and Tracie has harvested leaves from the plant three times. Much of its remarkable growth took place during the rather cold weather we’ve had recently, and the thermostat in the house is set at 62, so apparently the structure is doing a pretty good job of trapping heat around the plant.
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Chris has been muttering about Last.fm and today I finally paid attention to him and checked it out. It’s a neat thing, I’ve decided. The idea is that it watches what music you play on your MP3 player (software player, that is) and keeps a little database of your listening habits. Then it looks at the databases of other people who listen to the same stuff that you listen to, and suggests other things you might want to listen to. The very first track I played under its observation (“Escent” by Maitreya) produced suggestions for five other artists, four of whom I’ve never heard of. read more

Trophies for Audio Damage!

UPS delivered two packages today containing award trophies for Audio Damage products. One is for “Best Software Value” for the 914 Filter Bank, awarded by Remix Magazine; the other is for “Download of the Year” for an unspecified selection of our plug-ins, awarded by Electronic Musician Magazine. Chris was going to pick these up in person at the awards dinner at NAMM but couldn’t get out of Oregon because of the bad weather, so he had the magazines ship them here to the Audio Damage R&D Division, Rocky Mountain Facility. read more