Ten Pounds of Gingery Goodness

Most of our family and friends know that Tracie and I are big fans of The Ginger People products. Recently Tracie was putting in an order for various ginger-laden products and asked whether my supply of Ginger Chews and Gin-Gins needed replenishing. I’m down to about one can’s worth of each, so I told her that yes, I would indeed appreciate a restocking of these essentials. We couldn’t remember exactly how much she ordered last time (they’re sold by weight in bulk) and I guessed, based on my memory of the size of the bags, that we had ordered five-pound bags of each, so she placed the order for that quantity.

I was wrong. Here’s what ten pounds of ginger candy looks like:

IMG 2739

It’s a lot of candy, in short. Further examination of the order form and the remaining bag of Gin-Gins revealed that we had previously ordered two pounds of each, not five. This shipment should keep me in ginger candy for a number of years.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

By adam

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  1. HOLY #$%^&!! THAT’S A LOT OF GINGER!!!

    Too bad it’s not garlic: you’d never need to worry about vampires…

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