Furniture Abuse

WARNING: this post contains material of an adult nature, including discussion of sexual activity.

Actually it’s hard to call what follows “adult” and it’s sexual only in a rather odd sense, but consider yourself warned.

Weebl’s Stuff is my favorite humorous website, and if you’re not already familiar with their cartoons you might enjoy spending several minutes (or hours) perusing their archives. Their latest entry, however, has left Tracie and me quite perplexed–not so much the entry itself, but the youtube video that inspired the entry.

The Weebl’s Stuff video is here. (Yes, it’s a video, not animation.) When it loads click the underlined word “HERE” to watch the precursor youtube video. You’ll have to have a youtube account in order to watch it because it’s been flagged as inappropriate for some viewers. On the other hand, if you’re reading this posting on May 17 or shortly thereafter, you can simply go to the main page of the Weebl’s Stuff site by clicking here and looking for the heading “Thrust Squad” (it’s currently at the top). If that doesn’t work try going to the News section by clicking here and looking for the same heading.

In any case, the video itself is, um… kind of unusual. It shows several young guys getting together, prancing around, and pretending to hump a ottoman. Yes, you read that correctly. Watch the video if you don’t believe me. Is it just me, or is it more than kind of odd that these guys would go to the lengths of getting together, giving themselves a team name (“Peer Pressure”), setting up a video camera, turning on the stereo, and taking turns (or not) pretending to have sex with furniture? I mean, I’m over 40 which automatically disqualifies me from understanding anything about anybody younger than 30, but even so, I do have some sexual experience and like to think that I’m open-minded enough to allow that different people have different tastes in what floats their boats. I can’t imagine, though, what these guys have in mind. Do they think that posting this video will increase their odds of having sex with, say, a human? Are there young women out there watching this video and getting all hot and bothered? It seems really unlikely to me (but hey, if you are such a person, there’s nothing wrong with it).

Anyway, apparently the fellows at Weebl’s Stuff found this all rather amusing also, because they went to the length of filming their response to the furniture-fornication gauntlet cast down by Peer Pressure. It’s pretty funny.

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