I’ll freely admit that my greying hair has caused me transitory moments of dismay. Aging isn’t all bad but there have been occasions on which I’ve looked in the mirror and noticed how much of my hair is no longer the color it used to be. However, I’ve never given serious thought to dyeing my hair; I’m not that vain and my occupations don’t require me to look like anything other than what I naturally am. I certainly haven’t given much concern to the greying of the hair on me that the vast majority of people will never see.

Apparently, though, other people are concerned by this issue, because now there’s a product which provides, in the trademarked words of its maker, “color for the hair down there.” You can read all about it at its website and see whether they offer a color you might find useful. They clearly are having fun with their creation; they offer vibrant pink and orange hues along with brown, black, auburn and blonde.

(Thanks go to Tracie’s aunt Linda, a beautician and salon owner, for mentioning this product to us. No, it wasn’t a sales pitch.)

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