I’m Famous in Cheboygan

I suppose this is part of my 15 minutes of fame. The Cheboygan Area Public Library, located in Cheboygan, Michigan currently has a display of some of my origami. There’s a photo of the display here.

Obviously there’s a story behind this. The story is that Paper Jade has a particularly enthusiastic and talented customer named Virginia White. Virginia has been folding for about 30 years and Paper Jade is now fortunate to be one of her sources of paper. She sent me some examples of her work which you can see here in Paper Jade’s new Customer Photo Gallery.

Virginia expressed interest in seeing the sort of stuff I fold, so I sent her some of my modular projects. Apparently she was quite taken with them (why I’m not entirely sure–in all honesty the woman is a better folder than I am) and showed them to the head librarian. The librarian expressed interest in displaying them in the library, so Virginia asked me whether this was okay with me. Well, sure, of course! None of my origami has ever been exhibited anywhere besides shelves in my home, so naturally I am honored to have them put on display.

So, in the (somewhat unlikely) event that you’re in the Cheboygan area, drop by the library and take a peek at some of my folded creations.

I’d like to express big thanks to Virginia and the librarian (whose name, sadly, I do not know) both for putting together the display and for mentioning Paper Jade therein.

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