I Feel Old

I just noticed that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the release of both Donna Summer/Giorgio Morodoer’s seminal electronic hit “I Feel Love” and Kraftwerk’s groundbreaking electronic album Trans-Europe Express. It’s interesting in itself that these were released in the same year, but mostly I’m blown away that it was that long ago.

I discovered both of these works somewhat after the fact, but they would rank high on the list of recorded works that had the greatest influence on my aesthetic. I did a cover of “I Feel Love” 10 or so years ago; maybe I should dust off the files and remix it for this anniversary year. read more

New Stuff at Paper Jade

I’m pleased to announce that Paper Jade has five new packages in its signature line of papers. There are two new chiyogami packages, one a sequel to the popular Leaves package called Leaves Two, and the other a new assortment of whimsical prints of birds and animals called Critters. The other three packages are different kinds of papers with subtle and beautiful textures and watermarks. Click here to see the listing of Paper Jade’s most recently added products.

While you’re at the Paper Jade site, you might also want to peruse the new Customer Photo Gallery which currently features a number of boxes folded by Virginia White, one of Paper Jade’s most enthusiastic customers. There are also a few new photos in the older Photo Gallery of a box and two geometric solids folded by yours truly. read more

Front Mission 4 Paper Model

In my Copious Free Time (hah) I occasionally work on paper models. I recently completed one that I’ve been building off and on for months. It’s from the Front Mission Japanese game series and its name seems to be Zenith. I have no idea what this game series is about, nor have I played any of them, so I don’t know what this model actually is. It could be a mecha, or a powered-armor suit, or a robot, or something else. It was fun to build, whatever it is.

It’s about 22cm tall and (as you can see) a bit too big to fit comfortably in my photo box. read more