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There’s an essay here that discusses (at some length) a point I’ve started ranting about to anyone who will listen to me: Apple seems to have adopted an active strategy of gradually excluding third-party developers. It’s a strategy that I can understand in some sense, but I believe it’s not a good one for Apple. (Consider, for instance, the legal complaints filed against Microsoft over their bundling of applications with the Windows operating system. These complaints are generally based upon the argument that such practices are anti-competitive. However, while it is still entirely possible to write a third-party media-playback app for Windows, it is not possible to write third-party apps for the iPhone, iPod, or Apple set-top box.) Obviously it’s not a good one for people such as myself who make their living in part by writing software for Apple’s computers. On the other hand, once you notice that most of their money is being made not by selling computers, and then you recall that they dropped the word “Computer” from the name of the company recently, it’s all fairly self-consistent.

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