Apple Opens Doors to iPhone Developers

Apple just emailed me to tell me that the iPhone Development Center is now open. I thought it would be gracious of me to mention this here since I previously ranted about how Apple seems to be giving third-party developers the cold shoulder. No, I’m not about to get out of the audio plug-in business and start writing iPhone apps, but I imagine that there will be people who come up with clever ideas and manage to make some bucks this way.

First Snow of the Season

It’s snowing here this morning. This is the first snowfall of this season, which is a little late by my recollection. It seems like it usually snows by the end of September, although that’s been less dependable in recent years. So far it doesn’t look like it’s going to amount to much; it hasn’t accumulated at all and it’s starting to peter out (as of 9:55AM).

Audio Damage Releases Vapor

I’m pleased to announce that there will not be any more Audio Damage product announcements with silly headlines, at least for the next several products. I’m more pleased to announce (belatedly) that we’ve released our third and final (for now) low-cost modulation effect plug-in. It’s called Vapor; it’s a diffusion chorus. A diffusion chorus is a sort of a cross between a reverb and a chorus. It’s probably easier for you to listen to some demo recordings than it is for me to describe it. You can read more about it, hear those demos, and buy it here. read more

You Think I’m Obsessive About Japanese Vending Machines? Hah.

I suspect that I’ll never really succeed in conveying the allure of Japanese vending machines to my fellow Americans, despite my concerted effort to do so in my travel blog. People I’ve spoken to since returning have looked at me with thinly hidden skepticism when I expound upon my fascination, or when I remark that domestic vending machines are entirely dull and narrow by comparison.

As evidence that I’m not the only one with this fascination, and that there is at least one other person whose obsessive interest completely overshadows my casual observation, I direct you to this site. Someone in Japan takes photos of the same vending machine nearly every day and documents any changes they observe. It appears that they’ve been doing this for over two years. The site is in Japanese but you can pretty much get the idea anyway, and Google’s translation service can help fill in the blanks and/or make it all seem sillier than it already is. read more

Thumbs Up for SparkFun Electronics

This is an unsolicited bit of praise for SparkFun Electronics, an online store that sells all sorts of cool stuff for electronics experimentation. They have a nice selection of microprocessor prototype boards including some from European companies like Olimex, some nifty LED arrays and LCDs with serial interfaces, robot parts, tools, etc. Their site also has fun stuff some great tutorials on soldering surface-mount parts by hand and photos of projects they’ve done just for the helluvit, as well as some active discussion forums in support of the stuff they sell and related topics. Most remarkable of all (to me): they’re about a mile from my house! I picked up my first order today; it certainly won’t be my last order. read more

Celebrity Audio Damage Customer Photo

[I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile but forgot several times.] Generally we don’t talk about our customers even though it would probably help our sales if we could name some of the Famous People who have purchased Audio Damage products. We consider their transactions with us to be private. Recently, though, we received photos and a nice note from Jon Burton. Jon does live sound for The Prodigy, a rather famous and successful electronica band. Jon’s message ended with an invitation to show off the photos, so Chris did just that on his blog here. Thanks, Jon! read more