A White Christmas

Yes, it’s snowing on Christmas Day here. I think it’s because we watched White Christmas last night. “They don’t make ’em like they used to” is a phrase that certainly comes to mind when watching that movie. It’s not the best of musicals, but it’s interesting to note that it was the highest-grossing film in the year it was released.


It’s also worth noting that the film opens during WWII with Bing Crosby entertaining his fellow troops in an impromptu Christmas show in a bombed-out building with explosions flashing in the distance. Once again, the U.S. has thousands of citizens spending Christmas away from their families because they’re serving as troops during wartime. (This time the war was started by us, on false pretenses, with no clear goal and no exit strategy. Oh, and by the way, we’ve already spent more on restorations efforts in Iraq than we spent to rebuild Japan after WWII, and there’s not much to show for our efforts. But I digress.) read more

Holiday Lawn Ornament Mixed Metaphor

When I was a kid, it was a family tradition to pile into the car and drive around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. Tracie and I continue to observe this tradition. There are some pretty good displays near our house, particularly in the somewhat ritzy golf-course neighborhood next to ours.

One display this year, though, was so odd that we had to go back in the daylight to photograph it:

IMG 3274

As I said to Tracie, “is that Santa and Joseph?” I’m not particularly familiar with the Bible, but I’m pretty sure that Santa isn’t mentioned anywhere. But who else could it be, given the time of year? And if it is Joseph, where are Mary and child? Maybe that explains his downcast countenance. You can almost hear his dejected voice: “Santa, I’m really afraid that Mary took the baby and split. Things just haven’t been the same since those three guys came by, and this whole baby thing totally caught me by surprise anyway. I mean, last time we talked about it, she was a vir– well never mind that. Sorry Santa, there’s no reason to bring you down with my troubles. I mean, I know you’re busy this time of year and everything…” read more

More Snow Photos

For the amusement of people who don’t live in snowy climates, here are more photos of the snow. These were all taken in the back yard.

IMG 3223

IMG 3224

IMG 3225

IMG 3228

IMG 3232

IMG 3233

IMG 3235

More Snow

The snow stopped for a day and returned last night. It’s still snowing now (10:25MST). Here are some more photos.

IMG 3213

IMG 3214

IMG 3215

IMG 3219

Nice Snowfall

A nice amount of cold, fluffy snow fell here last night. The accumulation was around 15cm, I think. Here’s a photo taken from one of the front windows of the house:

IMG 3201

It’s been cold, too. The low temperature last night was 10F and the high today was 19F.

I Can Has Cheezburger?

Chris led me to believe that I must truly live under a large rock because I’d never heard of the hilarious I Can Has Cheezburger site. I thought I’d mention it here anyway, just in case any other sub-rock dwellers visit my blog. The idea is that people upload silly photos of cats (mostly–there are other animals, but mostly there are cats) with silly captions. Other people give them a rating of 1-5 cheeseburgers; the ones with the highest rating get moved to the front of the site. Some of them are very funny; usually Tracie and I have to read through only a few before one makes us literally laugh out loud. (Hence the term “lolcats” which you’ll see on the site.) read more

New Pictures and Stuff at Paper Jade

I meant to mention when I put up the photo of the origami unit below that there are a few new photos in the Paper Jade photo gallery of some stuff I’ve folded in recent months. I’m particularly proud of the 90-unit truncated icosahedron (photo second from the top) which was, I might say, pretty difficult to assemble.

Also, if you like either box-making kits or foils (great for Christmas ornaments!), take a look at the New Products listing. I managed to locate both foils in a larger size and a larger package (i.e. more sheets per package) of the usual 15cm size. read more