“Mommy, what was a CD?”

If you buy music and/or make music, you might find it interesting to read this post and this post about Positron! Records ceasing to release music on CDs. This is relevant to me because Positron! releases a bunch of good music, including but not limited to everything recorded by Chris, my Audio Damage partner. It’s also the label most likely to release anything I record for reasons which should be pretty obvious.

Personally I’m somewhat ambivalent about the inevitable demise of Compact Discs. On one hand I understand the business sense it makes, and I admit to having hundreds of CDs on hand which I haven’t listened to in years and may never listen to again. On the other hand I’m enough of an old-timer to still appreciate getting something physical to hold when I buy music, along with a nicely printed cover and insert and stuff. I also think that I never quite got over the disappointment of CD packaging compared to vinyl-record packaging. Records were huge, relatively speaking, and sometimes people did nice artwork and extensive liner notes and stuff for them. But then records were fragile and difficult to care for and generally a PITA, so I can’t say that I miss them. Time will tell whether I miss CDs, I suppose.

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