Announcing Ricochet

I’m pleased to announce that Audio Damage has just released our latest product. Ricochet is a multi-tap delay plug-in with an unusual architecture and a far more direct user interface than most multi-delay plug-ins. That’s a rather brief synopsis, of course; you can read more about it, listen to sound samples, download the manual, and buy it at the Audio Damage website.


By adam

Go ahead, try to summarize yourself in a sentence or two.


  1. Hey, I stumbled across your blog looking for info on Ricochet. Just wanna say how much I love Ricochet and all Audio Damage plug ins. They are such great products.

    Honestly though, as a tech producer, you guys have seriously outdone yourselves with Ricochet. Have been searching for this kind of delay effect. I threw it on some hats and it’s just ripping them to pieces. I love it.

    Keep up the amazing work. I’m really looking forward to Kombinat.


  2. Mike: thanks very much for your kind words and your patronage! I really appreciate it. I’m rather pleased with Ricochet myself.

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