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Here are the photos that should have been in my entry about the first day in Tokyo that we spent with Rafael and Richard. Here’s the Tokyo International Forum building:

IMG 0055

STB 0030

IMG 0061

That’s Tracie and Rafael. Here’s Richard:

IMG 0088

This is where we sat for lunch near the beach:

IMG 0102

No, I have no idea what dogs have to do with coffee. Maybe the idea is that you stop here for coffee while walking your dog in the sun, and feed it a fish?

Here we are getting ready for lunch. It was windy, as you can see. The wind blew away several pieces of nori (dried seaweed) before we could eat them.

IMG 0106

Here’s a picture of me attempting to describe the flavors of a little cake-like thing that Rafael brought along. (Rafael brought along all of lunch, I should mention.)

IMG 0111

Here’s a water bus that looks like some sort of Jules-Verne-meets-manga creation:

IMG 0105

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