Addendum: Public Restroom

As a follow-up to my previous post, here are some photos that Tracie took in a restroom in the hotel. Here’s the control panel of the main appliance:

IMG 1369

Of note here is the button for FLUSHING SOUND, with associated volume controls. You can press this button to make the toilet generate noises to mask the noises that you’re making. There is also the POWERFUL DEODORIZER button which you can press to mask the odors you’re making. Another unusual feature is the pushbutton flush control:

IMG 1367

There was also a set of warnings to tell the user that it’s a bad idea to do things like letting your kids play in the toilet. You’d think that this would be self-evident, but I suppose it’s better to be explicit about such things.

IMG 1366

There’s also the somewhat disconcerting implication that if you sit on it too long, you can burn your bum. Finally, the stall had a handy cleanser dispenser for cleaning the seat, complete with a pictographic depiction of its use:

IMG 1370

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