Autumn on the way?

It seems to be September, somewhat to my surprise. Last night we had some rain and a brief pelting of marble-sized hail. Today it looks like the temperature isn’t going to go above 63F; yesterday’s high was 85. I think autumn is not far away. It won’t arrive too soon for us, though. It’s been a hot summer and we’re looking forward to lower temperatures.

By adam

Go ahead, try to summarize yourself in a sentence or two.


  1. Even though it’s still warm in central Europe, there’s that smell in the air that tells you leaves are going to start to fall soon. In my country people talk about the weather when they feel they must say something, but have little to in common with the person they are talking to. It’s a kind way of saying hello, a little chit chat.

  2. I’d say that people talk about the weather in the same context here. It’s a safe topic; nobody is going to be offended if you express an opinion about rain or sunshine.

  3. Talking about the weather by phone or email can also be a way of closing the distance between people. It supplies a context. For instance, I just sent you an email with some of chat about the weather, so you know that I am enjoying a perfectly beautiful Oregon September day, and I’m glad to know that things are cooling down in Boulder and can imagine you & Tracie going on pleasant walks around your neighborhood.

  4. That’s true, too. This morning’s weather context is that it’s 49F and sprinkling a little. We have the windows open so the house will cool down.

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