What’s That Smell?

I’ve seen some pretty strange ideas for computers, but this one takes the cake: scented laptops. Yes, Asus now offers “A Computer for All Your Senses”, available in four models with four fragrances. The fragrances are Grass, Floral, Perfume, and Ocean. Yes, Ocean. I grew up in Oregon so when I think of the smell of the ocean, I think of brine, seaweed, and perhaps a hint of dead seagull. I have to assume that that’s not what an Ocean-scented laptop actually smells like, but all things considered, I’d probably rather smell the ocean.

The introduction suggests that you “[S]elect from multiple combinations of scents and colors to reflect your personality.” Of course buying one of these entails an online purchase, so there’s no way to find out what Grass, Floral, Perfume, and Ocean actually smell like before making your selection.

It’s hard for me to imagine that anyone would actually find a perfume-laden laptop desireable, but then I think the same thing about perfume-laden anything.

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