IMG_0222, originally uploaded by Adam Schabtach.

It seems like there is an unusual number of dragonflies around this year. I see several of them each time I’m watering the flowers in the back yard. Recently I noticed that they aren’t particularly skittish. If I move slowly I can stand fairly close to them, and with a little patience I managed to take a few photos of them. If you click this photo, you’ll be taken to my flickr site where there’s another one.

Autumn on the way?

It seems to be September, somewhat to my surprise. Last night we had some rain and a brief pelting of marble-sized hail. Today it looks like the temperature isn’t going to go above 63F; yesterday’s high was 85. I think autumn is not far away. It won’t arrive too soon for us, though. It’s been a hot summer and we’re looking forward to lower temperatures.