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Mid-July already? Inconceivable. It’s been busy around here. Here are some random bits of recent news:

I’ve been mired in the AudioUnit version of Audio Damage’s new product. Actually it’s not entirely new; it’s a reissue of Ronin, one of our earliest products. We shelved Ronin several years ago because it pre-dated our current methods for building plug-ins, and this meant that updating it for AU was more trouble than we felt it was worth at the time. We never felt entirely good about this decision, however, so recently we decided to dust it off, give it a face-lift, bring it up to date, and do the AU port. There’s a screenshot and Chris’s usual flamboyant commentary here.

Paper Jade had an inbound shipment of paper delayed because of a fire at a nearby UPS facility. It’s kind of mind-boggling that a mishap at one facility can delay 100,000 packages.

Thumbs up for The Bridechamber, an online source of synthesizer modules and parts. I ordered the hard-to-find parts for my JH VCOs late one day and my order was shipped the next day (i.e. at the earliest possible time that my order could have gone into the mail). Scott also answered a question the same day I asked it after I received my parts.

Thumbs up also for Seeed Studio, a supplier of parts for electronics hobbyists. They’re located in Hong Kong but I placed an order on a Sunday and received the package on Saturday.

Maddy has been taking Prednisone for a week (not voluntarily, mind you). She started developing a new batch of lumps so the vets and Tracie decided that we need to try to get her little kitteh immune system to calm down a bit. It seems to be working; the lumps are getting smaller again. Maddy is as happy as aways but would prefer it if we’d stop making her take medicine every day.

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  1. Glad to know that you have another high-maintenance feline to give you idle folks something to do!

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