Announcing Ronin

It’s baa-ack…


Now available at the Audio Damage website is Ronin, our modular delay and filter plug-in. This is an update of a product we released quite some time ago but sidelined for awhile due in large part to the complexity of producing an Audio Unit version of it. We always kind of missed it, though, so we decided to dust it off and bring it up to date. Ronin sports the same delay algorithm that we used in DubStation but provides even more control over its wondrous capabilities. Click that link to read about it, listen to some audio demos, and grab a copy for yourself for only $49.

It has struck me that it’s ironic that we named this plug-in Ronin, since ronin is the Japanese term for a samurai that has no master, due to “the ruin or fall of his master, or after the loss of his master’s favor or privilege” (to quote Wikipedia, and note that I’ve been to the graves pictured in that article as described here and pictured here near the bottom of the page). Fortunately our Ronin’s master is not in ruin and the plug-in has regained our favor.

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