Our oldest clematis has grown dramatically this year. I think it has nearly doubled its blossom production since last year. I put several photos of it and one of the younger ones on my flickr site here.

By adam

Go ahead, try to summarize yourself in a sentence or two.


  1. Beautiful. It’s interesting that the two plants have flowers with 4, 5, and 6 petals.

  2. Do you know this old rhyme?

    Because it grows on lattice,
    Some people say cle-MAT-iss.
    But Webster will not cease to hiss
    Until we call it CLEM-a-tiss.

    (However, Webster seems to have softened up on it & now accepts the accent on the 2nd syllable as a second-best pronumciation.)

  3. I remember you telling that rhyme to me years ago, but I had mostly forgotten it. I tend to pronounce it CLEM-a-tiss. Nonetheless, I was thinking of titling this post “Our Clematis Kicks A–!” as a sort of half-rhyme but it seemed to overstate the case a bit.

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