I’m a PC

If you’re intrigued at all by advertising, there’s an interesting article here in the NY Times about Microsoft’s attempts to strike back at Apple’s “I’m a PC / I’m a Mac” ad campaign. I’m not insecure about my choice of operating systems but I’ll admit that, as a musician who uses Windows by choice, I don’t mind Microsoft spending money to try to persuade people that not all PC users are boring guys in beige suits.

On a vaguely related note, Audio Damage bought Apple’s new OS, 10.6 aka Snow Leopard, when it was released on Friday. It appears that all of our products run on it without trouble, which caused me to breath a hearty sigh of relief. read more

Japanese Beverage Report: Jelly Coffee

Yes, you read that correctly: Jelly Coffee. Apparently the gooey Fanta that I described previously was at least somewhat successful because now there’s gooey coffee.

IMG 3774

Georgia is one of the brands commonly found in vending machines in Japan, so I was already somewhat familiar with their products. Canned coffee is sold either hot or cold–sometimes both in the same machine–but I imagine that Jelly Coffee is only sold cold. (Georgia is also owned by Coca-Cola, oddly enough. Why don’t we have vending machines with small cans of good coffee all over the place?) read more

Japanese Beverage Report: Coca-Cola with Green Tea

Thanks to the combined efforts of Richard and Rafael, I have several limited-edition Japanese beverages in the fridge. I’ll write a brief review of each as I consume them.

First up is Coca-Cola flavored with green tea:

IMG 3535

This is kind of weird by American standards but makes some amount of sense in Japan. Green tea is both the national beverage of choice and seemingly the flavor of choice. Green tea ice cream is famous and not particularly uncommon in the US, but while in Japan I’ve had things like green tea donuts and green tea Kit-kats. Combining green tea and Coke is thus fairly obvious and it wouldn’t surprise me if this isn’t the first such product. read more

Rest In Peace: Les Paul

Bummer. Les Paul died today, at the ripe old age of 94. CNN’s obituary describes him as “one of the most important figures in recorded music” and I’d say that they’re right about that.

Ramen Served by Robots

There’s a ramen shop in Japan (Nagoya, more specifically) where the ramen is dished up by robots:

How cool is that? More info here.

[Found on the Makezine site.]

Handy File-Recovery Utility

The other day I inadvertently deleted some photos from an SD card before transferring them to the computer. (So I thought, anyway. More about that point later.) Since I knew that there is a plethora of utilities available for dealing with exactly this situation, I did a quick bit of googling and settled on a freebie called Restoration. It’s not terribly pretty to look at but it did the job. Not only did it recover the photos in question, it recovered a bunch of older photos–not that I needed them, but it was still interesting to see them retrieved. Restoration also works on regular hard drives and files; there’s nothing special about how it treats camera cards and photos. read more

Cat Photos


Maddy and Eddie are growing like weeds and are still as rambunctious as ever. Last time we weighed them they were both over five pounds. Maddy tends to look larger than her brother because her fur is so much longer, but they weigh almost exactly the same. I just posted a dozen photos taken over the last couple of months here.