Japanese Beverage Report: Jelly Coffee

Yes, you read that correctly: Jelly Coffee. Apparently the gooey Fanta that I described previously was at least somewhat successful because now there’s gooey coffee.

IMG 3774

Georgia is one of the brands commonly found in vending machines in Japan, so I was already somewhat familiar with their products. Canned coffee is sold either hot or cold–sometimes both in the same machine–but I imagine that Jelly Coffee is only sold cold. (Georgia is also owned by Coca-Cola, oddly enough. Why don’t we have vending machines with small cans of good coffee all over the place?)

Here’s the inscription that tells you to shake the can before opening it:

IMG 3775

I can’t read the Japanese, but they aren’t kidding when they tell you that you need to shake this stuff. Even after giving it a fairly vigorous shaking it still didn’t exactly flow out of the can. I had to tilt it all the way back and sort of suck it out.

It’s basically the consistency of soft Jell-o, so if you can imagine sucking Jell-o flavored coffee out of a can, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what it’s like to drink Jelly Coffee.

Overall it’s pretty good. I’m not sure whether I’d choose it over non-gelatinous coffee but I’m certainly glad that I was able to try it.

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