Today is’s 10th Birthday

It was 10 years ago today that I registered the domain name 10 years ago the web wasn’t as widely used or as sophisticated as it is today but it still seemed useful to have my own domain name. The main motivation at the time was being able to give myself a permanent email address that I could retain when switching ISPs. Apparently that was fairly smart of me; I’ve switched ISPs four times in the last ten years, I think.

Completely by coincidence, yesterday was the 40th birthday of the Internet itself.

By adam

Go ahead, try to summarize yourself in a sentence or two.


  1. Yes, my low-tech webcam, back when it was rather more difficult to set up such a thing. That was a little more than ten years ago, I think. It would have been hosted on an Earthlink website rather than
    It’s commonplace now, but back then it did seem amazing that one take a photograph and send it around the world in less than a minute. Of course, back then we still mostly had cameras that used something called “film”.

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