Quick Update

I got up about 90 minutes later than usual this morning and have felt like I’ve been out of sync ever since. I intended to write a longer post than this but I’m going to settle for something quick.

My head is fine, all things considered. It stopped hurting by Saturday morning and I don’t really notice the sutures except when I do something that makes my scalp tighten, like yawning. (I don’t think that I knew previously that yawning makes my scalp tighten.) I have a sneaking suspicion that they might start itching soon.

We got the lab results for Widget on Monday. She doesn’t have thyroid problems, which is good; she does have kidney problems, which is not good (and not entirely a surprise, given the symptoms and her age). She now gets to eat expensive veterinary wet food for cats with kidney problems. Fortunately she seems to love the stuff. Our current plan is to get her to eat as much as we can, make sure that she stays hydrated, and see how things go. Oh, and she gets a squirt of antibiotics twice a day for a week, just in case she happens to have an infection of some sort going on. She’s been taking advantage of the fact that I feel sorry for her by sitting on me at any opportunity.

Yes, I just wrote more about my cat than myself. Her situation is more complicated than mine, frankly.

Supposedly we could get 3-5 inches of snow tonight and another 5-9 tomorrow.

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  1. Yikes! I guess I’m glad I came in late, and got to hear that you’re mostly recovered and fundamentally okay and *then* got the details of the incident…

    In any case, I hope the cats see the importance of letting you get some rest during the healing process.

  2. Jesse! I’ve been thinking about you lately because I’ve been playing this racing game on my Xbox360 (Forza Motorsport 2) somewhat fanatically. It has a dizzying array of upgrades and performance tweaks for the cars; there’s way more knowledge about automobiles embodied in it than I’ll never know. I keep thinking, “Jesse understands all of this stuff…” I think I owe you an email reply also.

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