The snow I mentioned in my previous post didn’t amount to anything–just a few random flakes that didn’t add up to any visible accumulation. As of 8:55AM today, however, it looks like this outside:

IMG 3959

IMG 3960

As you can see the trees haven’t really started dropping their leaves yet. Tracie just pointed out that usually we’ve cut down the peonies before the first snow also, and they have only just begun to turn color. It was warm enough yesterday that the street stayed warm and melted the snow that fell on it. It’s quite cold now, though: read more

Another September Sans Snow and Other Random Bits

I realize that writing about the weather doesn’t make for the most interesting blog posts, but last year I made a mental note to try to record some notes about the weather for my own reference. Once again it did not snow in September, so I suppose I have to adapt to the changing climate and stop thinking/saying that it usually snows in Boulder before the end of September. It used to do so, but now it doesn’t, it seems. The forecast says it’s going to snow this afternoon; we shall see. read more

“Spider-Woman” by Dan Phillips

My friend Dan did a song for Marvel (yes, as in comic books and movies derived from them). Marvel did a video for it, which you can watch here. (I’m not going to embed it because it’s a bit wider than this blog’s format.)