No New Tale To Tell

I realize that it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything of note here. This post isn’t going to change that. It seems like there isn’t much in the way of noteworthy news, but here is some somewhat inconsequential news:

Widget is still with us, somewhat to our surprise. (That’s not inconsequential news, but it’s not really news as such either.) She took a sharp turn for the worse Friday before last. We got her into the vet that afternoon, where she received an injection of fluids since she was badly dehydrated. She hadn’t improved noticeably by the time we went to bed, but she seemed much better the next morning and improved steadily after that. It’s very much a day-by-day thing now, though. Day before yesterday she seemed to be slowing down again, but yesterday and today she seems to be doing fairly well.

My Audio Damage attention continues to be dominated by Tattoo. It’s coming along well but the devil has been in the details, as the saying goes. I spent at least a week getting the code that saves and loads presets to work correctly. Usually that portion of the code takes a fraction of a day to write but Tattoo has an unusually large and complicated pile of data that needs to be stored and retrieved. We’re currently making the cymbals sound more-better. After that’s done there are a few other details to tidy up, none of which will take anything close to a week, I hope, and then I’ll turn my attention to the OS X port and subsequently the AU port.

My JH Living VCOs module is nearly finished. All that remains is putting the knobs on and calibrating it. I’ve started writing a page about some of the feature-inclusion decisions that I made prior to constructing it and some thoughts about the construction. I’ll put that up with some photos and sound samples when it’s finished. In the interim, here’s a photo of it partway through completion of the panel wiring:

IMG 4137

By adam

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  1. I’m interested to hear it also. So far I’ve just been checking its output with a scope. I’m probably going to calibrate it tonight or tomorrow.

  2. Oh, it’s not that bad. That’s the sort of thing I do to relax on weekends. 🙂
    In truth the magnitude of this project didn’t really cross my mind when I started it. It does involve quite a bit of wiring.

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