Announcing Tattoo

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I announce that Audio Damage’s first software instrument is now on sale. It’s called Tattoo; it’s a drum synthesizer and integrated sequencer. All sounds are synthesized in real time–no samples are employed. Every parameter of every percussion voice has its own step sequencer. The sequencers have extensive randomization features so you can go completely overboard with unpredictable rhythmic and timbral variations. The percussion synths themselves are directly inspired by the famous Roland drum machines of yesteryear but provide a wider range of sonic territory. All this and more for $79, available now at the Audio Damage website. You’ll find several demo audio files there also, and you can watch video demonstrations of Tattoo on the Audio Damage YouTube channel.


This product represents our largest investment of time and effort to date, but it was a labor of love. Chris and I are both drum machine nuts and we’ve been talking about doing a software beatbox almost as long as we’ve been talking about anything. Six or seven months ago we decided that the time had arrived to take a stab at it, and now it’s done. We’re pretty proud of it and we hope that you enjoy it, too.

By adam

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  1. Having the d16 drum machines, microtonic and more drum machine samples then I will ever use in my library it seems overkill to get Tattoo. Still, the sequencer might win me over…

  2. Having a TR-606, CR-78, MachineDrum, the d16 TR-808 and -909 plug-ins, and more drum machine samples than I will ever use didn’t prevent me from thinking that we might be able to contribute something to the world of beatbox technology. 😉

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