It’s been a year since our cat Madeline had to have nasty lumps removed from her neck, as I described here and here. Maddy recovered from that unhappy incident and grew into a rather lovely cat. Here are a couple of photos of her in celebration of her ongoing good health:



Lately she’s taken an interest in origami, as you can see.

Some Flower Photos

I just posted a few photos of flowers in our yard here on my Flickr site. There will be more in the not-too-distant future; the senior clematis, for instance, started blooming just yesterday and I have not yet photographed it.


Clone of MIDIbox CORE_STM32 Microcontroller

One of my current works-in-progress is a slightly modified version of the CORE_STM32 microcontroller board found at the website. [It’s a frame-based site so that first link won’t give you the site’s navigation links.] A number of years ago I started thinking about building a digital step sequencer, i.e. something that looks and feels like an old analog step sequencer like this one but equipped with modern conveniences like preset storage and recall, MIDI, endless encoders, etc. This project has occupied varying amounts of my spare time over the last five years. I finished most of the electronic design some time ago, but bogged down when it came to writing the firmware for the thing. This problem was fairly predictable: it’s my job to write software, and while I love writing software I do like to take a break from it when I’m not working (“working” in the sense of writing software that Audio Damage pays me to write). Hence I’ve done very little at all with the project for the last couple of years. read more

Venn Diagram

One of the beautiful things about mathematical notation is that it can be used (and misused) to express complex concepts succinctly:

Social Media Venn Diagram

(Yeah, this is not new but I saw it for the first time today, taped to the cash register of the local electronics shop.)

Lexicon PCM-90 Needs Good Home


I’ve got a Lexicon PCM-90 reverb that needs a new and understanding home. It has a problem that’s either a show-stopper or insignificant, depending on how one uses it: its analog input does not work. Its S/PDIF digital I/O works fine, and this is how I’ve been using it. Some googling suggests that this problem is not uncommon and is usually attributable to a failed ADC chip. Unfortunately that chip is long out of production. It also has some signs of wear and a few odd-looking bubbles in the plastic in front of the display which are faintly annoying but not actually obstructive. read more

NYT Article on Multitasking and Information Consumption

There’s an interesting article in The New York Times here about multitasking, online information consumption, and their effects on the brain. I don’t particularly have anything to say about it, other than to say that I found it interesting and think that it’s worth taking the time to read it if you spend any significant amount of time online. (I’ll let you be the judge of what constitutes “signficant”.)

Update: half an hour or so after posting the above paragraph I closed all of the windows on my second monitor. Now it’s just showing the desktop image, a photo of a sakura tree somewhere in Japan, courtesy of the “Japan” theme for Windows 7. Maybe I’ll get rid of it altogether. OTOH it is useful for work when I need to see both my source code and the resulting plug-in simultaneously. read more