Lexicon PCM-90 Needs Good Home


I’ve got a Lexicon PCM-90 reverb that needs a new and understanding home. It has a problem that’s either a show-stopper or insignificant, depending on how one uses it: its analog input does not work. Its S/PDIF digital I/O works fine, and this is how I’ve been using it. Some googling suggests that this problem is not uncommon and is usually attributable to a failed ADC chip. Unfortunately that chip is long out of production. It also has some signs of wear and a few odd-looking bubbles in the plastic in front of the display which are faintly annoying but not actually obstructive.

IMG 7489

Not long ago I purchased a PCM-91 and PCM-81 for a friend, and while I’d be entirely happy to have three units of Lexicon PCM goodness, I’m about 4U shy of having enough rack space to accommodate all of my signal processors. (It’s something of an occupational hazard, I guess.) Hence my PCM-90 is up for sale. I paid $450 for it in the same condition that it’s currently in and would be delighted to get $300 for it, but I’ll consider offers.

I have a printed, spiral-bound copy of the manual which I’ll include. Paypal only unless I know you. I’ll pay for UPS Ground shipping within the continental US; anything else you pay for. I’ll ship overseas but you’ll have to pay me way more than $300 for it. (Shipping rack gear out of the country is a royal PITA.) Highly collectible leekspin girl not included.

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  1. Wow!

    Probably too late, but just in case, I’ll happily pay $300 for a PCM-90, even without the analog input, which may yet be fix-able.

    Please let me know…


    PS- took me a minute, but I knew I recognized the Studio Nebula moniker… you do a fantastic job in your AudioDamage alter ego!

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