In Case You’re Wondering About the Fire…

…we’re fine. The fire is up in the canyons to the west of Boulder, and we live a bit east of Boulder proper. It was smoky here all day yesterday, though, and ash fell on this area. I think that we must be more or less directly downwind from the fire because I noticed the smoke at about 10:30AM and the fire is said to have started at about 10:00AM.

It is scary, though. It’s a big fire and a lot have people have been displaced from their homes, some permanently. Even CNN has coverage.

By adam

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  1. WOW. Amazing what I miss when I don’t turn on the news for a couple of days! I’m sorry to hear about the property loss, but even more I hope no-one has been hurt.

  2. So I went to CNN and found this headline: “Colorado canyon fire not safe, governor warns.” Nice to see you have such an astute guy at the helm!

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