Okay, This is a Little Disconcerting

It’s 11:00PM. The wind is blowing straight west with gusts over 60MPH through the fire area. It’s 70 degrees F and the relative humidity is 14%. They’re talking about evacuating the residential area west of Broadway, i.e. west of the major north/south street that runs parallel to the foothills where the fire is. If you draw a line straight west from the fire it passes north of Boulder proper and eventually hits our neighborhood. There is about eight miles between the fire and us. The aforementioned line crosses several big roads that should make very nice firebreaks, but much of that eight miles is open fields which are very dry this time of year. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how the wind could pick up a spark from the fire and drop it into one of those fields.

We’ve been thinking about what we’d do and what we’d take if this area was evacuated. It’s sort of an interesting exercise to ask yourself, of all of the things in your house, which are the most important? That’s aside from us and the cats, of course. (Imagine rounding up six cats in a hurry.) What do you put in the car first, and what do you go back for if you have time? Where do you go if you have to leave? (Imagine finding a hotel that takes six cats.) There’s a fun-filled PDF here which has some suggestions along these lines, should you be casting about for some light reading.

Dunno how much sleep we’ll get tonight. It will be nice to get up tomorrow morning after the wind has died down and the cold front has arrived.

Think happy thoughts about firefighters. The ongoing efforts of those folks are what will keep Boulder from burning up tonight.

By adam

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  1. I think you mean if you draw a line east…but I have been looking at the map of the fire and can see how scary it is. It must be harrowing to have the wind blowing so hard. I know that you are sensible people and will do all the right things, but I hope that your home won’t be endangered and that you won’t have to round up the herd and evacuate. Love.

  2. Got my fingers crossed that they get that beast under control. Take care of yourselves and your beasts!

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