Not a Career Possibility for Me

Nice video here shot from someone’s helmet as they climb to the top of a 1768-foot-tall transmission tower. I’m not particularly fond of ladders; I don’t think you could pay me enough to get me to make that climb.

UPDATE: the video was taken down. See the comments.

By adam

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  1. Can’t see it anymore because of a copyright claim. Boo, I didn’t get to watch it, and I’ve often wondered what it would be like to climb one of those things.

  2. Oh heck. I poked around and found an explanation at the site here:
    The short version is that someone “expressed some concerns about how it reflected on the tower industry” so it was taken down, but they’re going to shoot a new video. I don’t follow the reasoning, although maybe someone was concerned about how the narrator mentioned that much of the ascent was “free climbing” because the climbers don’t like the extra time and effort it takes to use safety lines. He did mention that this doesn’t violate OSHA rules, so IMHO it reflects more upon the climber than the industry.
    There is a still photo here:

  3. Oh cool, thanks for that. A recent post on the blog I mentioned above confirmed that it was the voiceover which gave someone qualms. It also sounds like they kind of gave up trying to contain it after discovering how popular it had already become (over 100k views and two requests from TV networks) so maybe the copy you found will stay up.

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