Household Hack: Sealing Plastic Bags

This came by way of Tracie’s sister-in-law. I haven’t actually tried this yet, but it seems clever. Whether or not it would work would depend on the thickness and strength of the bottle, I’d think. Here are the photos from the email; I rewrote the instructions because my inner tech writer couldn’t deal with the grammar in the original text.


Cut off the neck and part of the top of a water bottle:


Insert the top of the bag through the neck of the bottle, fold it down over the threads, and close it by screwing on the bottle cap:


Cool, huh? If you look closely you’ll see that this must have originated in Japan. The bottle’s label is Japanese and there is also kanji on the scissors. Also, the contents look like beans of some sort, and how often do you see someone in the US storing a small amount of dried beans?

UPDATE: Upon further reflection I’ve decided that this is kind of a stupid idea. See the comments.

By adam

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  1. I try not to buy bottled water or other plastic-bottled beverages but sometimes have to. This is a cool idea that would also work with any plastic bottle that has outgrown its usefulness. Too bad we can’t do something similar with glass!

  2. Pretty cute idea, but from a time and trouble perspective it’s easier just to twist up the top of the bag and stick a spring clothespin on it, methinks.

  3. Yeah, I agree. My usual method for sealing a bag tightly is to twist it up, fold the twisted part back on itself, and then wrap a wire twisty tie below the fold. Twisty ties take less room to store than the tops of bottles, too.

  4. They make something similar for frozen vegetable bags. You can get it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

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