Fire Near Boulder, Again

Yes, there’s another fire burning west of Boulder. This one is closer than the Four Mile fire and the area of evacuation already includes residences and businesses within the city limits. We live to the east and north of Boulder proper so we are currently not in immediate danger.

A good chunk of downtown Boulder is now without electricity, according the local news. This seemed a little odd at first until I remembered that there are power-transmission towers in the area of the fire and a substation just south of it. read more

Axon Updated


We’ve released an update to Axon, numbered version 1.1.1. If you have either version 1.0 or 1.1 you should get this update. It corrects a fairly annoying problem with Axon’s synchronization to the DAW’s transport which (cough, cough) was introduced in version 1.1 when we added the reset-on-stop feature. (Yeah, I know. Sorry. However, I believe this marks the first time in the seven-year/two-dozen-plus-products history of the company in which we’ve had to release an update to correct an error in an update, so I think we’re doing pretty well in this regard.) It also fixes a somewhat mysterious problem with preset menus present in some versions of Cubase on Windows and Cakewalk products. This is a very odd problem and we’re not completely convinced that we’ve solved it once and for all, but I can say that it solves the problem on my particular version of Cubase, Windows, the phase of the moon, etc. The problem doesn’t actually hinder usage of the plug-in in any way, so it’s a pretty minor issue. read more

Announcing Replicant 1.5

We’ve just released an update to Replicant, our wildly popular (and popularly wild) beat-slicing/mangling plug-in. Version 1.5 gives Replicant a user-interface makeover (replacing the moldy look of the original version, as Chris called it), adds triggering with MIDI note messages, and MIDI control to the AudioUnit version. The MIDI triggering is quite fun, if I may say so myself. This is a free update for existing users. You’re welcome.


Click here to visit the Audio Damage website and learn more about Replicant, hear some audio samples, watch a video, get your free update, and/or buy yourself a copy. read more

They Shuffle With a Bovine Grace…

Here’s something I’ve been wondering recently: how was the bass line in “The Thin Wall” by Ultravox done? (A Google search will reveal links to the video and other ways you can listen to it. I sprang $0.99 at Amazon to get an MP3 of the remastered album version which has the cool cello stuff near the end. Unfortunately I think I sold my CD of Rage in Eden long ago.) We’re talking about 1981 sequencer technology here. Notice that it changes in subtle ways as it goes along. Is it just someone dinking with a CV sequencer? Maybe it’s just a gate programmed in the drum machine (a Linn, I think), which obviously has plenty of free voices since there’s nothing else coming out of it besides a kick and snare? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Anyone? (Wow, two 80s references in one post. Am I showing my age?) read more

Finally, Some Fall Weather

(This is one of those weather-related posts that I’m writing largely for my own future reference.) Today is the first day that we’ve had weather in October that’s appropriate to the month. Until today it’s been hot and dry, but today it’s overcast with a forecasted high temperature of 66F. We had next to no rain in September and have not yet had sub-freezing temperatures. I’ve finally gotten over my habit of saying that it usually snows by the end of September; that pattern has been firmly relegated to the past, it seems. read more