Order Tracking Info: ur doin it rong

A letter I just sent to a company who shall remain nameless, at least for now:


I placed an order on 11/12, order #S03847[xxx]. The email I received stating that my order has shipped contains tracking information which makes no sense. The shipping method is stated as “UPS GROUND” but the tracking number given is M011440[xxx] which does not appear to formatted as a normal UPS Ground tracking number. Also, the link for the tracking number in your message goes to the US Postal Service website, not the UPS website. However, the Postal Service site says that there is no record of this tracking number. Out of desperation I tried the FedEx site also and got the same result.

It’s been a week since I placed the order, so the tracking number should be valid. Could you please tell me how this order was shipped, and what its tracking number actually is, since the information you emailed to me seems to be useless? Thanks.

By the way, the link to the Customer Support Center in your email is also wrong. Clicking it produces a “Not Found” error message.

Thanks for your attention.


By adam

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