Chirp! Um, I mean, Tweet!

Succumbing to a mixture of curiosity, peer pressure, and pragmatism, I have created a Twitter account. Twitter in its original conception of “answering the question, ‘what are you doing right now?'”(or however they put it) never interested me much. If I need to know what someone is doing, I’ll ask, and I assume the same is true of other people. (Yes, I’m squarely in the I half of the Myers-Briggs personality map.) However, Twitter seems to have evolved into a sort of successor to email as a means of rapid communication, as well as a means of disseminating news (some of it useful, even). I’ll also admit that following the feeds of famous musicians amuses me a little. I’ve been following a few feeds manually and finally decided to set up my own account if, for nothing else, the convenience of having those feeds aggregated.

It’s pretty obvious that I’m not a particularly regular blogger and I expect the same to be true of my Tweeting activity, particularly after the novelty wears off. Who knows, though; maybe advertising my activities in 140-character snippets will grow on me.

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