Where’s the Big Button Labeled “GO”?

In case you’ve ever wondered what the flight deck of a real space ship (as opposed to, say, the Enterprise in its various incarnations) looks like, in detail, there’s a high-resolution, 360-degree panoramic photo of Discovery’s flight deck here.

Musicians: Beware the Lion

Apple released Lion today, and demonstrated once again that they really don’t care about the subset of their customers who use Apple computers to make music. Reports are rolling in of all sorts of things not working under Lion, including both hosts and plug-ins. Chris is testing our stuff and the major hosts today and posting his findings here. There’s also a report here at a site I’ve never heard of before today.

Long story short is that if you’re a musician, you may want to wait a bit before moving to OS 10.7. read more

Bon Voyage, Atlantis

I’m sitting here feeling a little bummed because I missed watching live coverage of the last-ever Space Shuttle launch (by about seven minutes). I’ve watched a number of launches and landings and I meant to pay attention during the last one, but I forgot.

I grew up during some of the best years of the US space program. I saw 2001 at a tender age and, as a kid, pretty much expected that I’d eventually travel in space–at least to a space station, if not to the moon. I watched Apollo launches and moon walks. I had a plastic model of the Apollo-Soyuz docking mission. My dad had a contest to predict the *cough cough* unplanned re-entry date of Skylab. I probably still have a photo somewhere of the first Space Shuttle, perched on top of a 747, clipped from the local newspaper. In recent years I’ve watched webcasts of Shuttle launches and space walks during the assembly of the ISS. read more