Autumn, Maybe?

The first signs of autumn may have arrived. We just had two straight days of overcast, rainy weather (which is unusual for here), and it’s still cool-ish today. I noticed on the first day that some of the trees nearby are starting to change color. Personally I’m ready for a change in season. It’s been a hot summer and I have no objection to cooler weather.

In other news… Um… Well, there isn’t much other news, I guess. I’ve been toiling away on Audio Damage’s latest creation. It’s not a terribly complex plug-in but we decided to switch to Steinberg’s VST3 format as the basis of our products. We think that this is the most future-proof approach to building plug-ins currently, since Steinberg provides code to turn VST3s into Audio Units and VST2s, and also covers the 64-bit versions. We hope that Steinberg’s backing of this system will help isolate us from whatever surprises Apple throws at us next. We’re also building our own platform-independent preset system, something which Chris has been trying to talk me into for years. So, we’re doing new and interesting things, but this means learning a new plug-in framework, which–as is par for the plug-in development course–is not particularly well documented. It is kind of fun to be doing something different, however.

The other news that might be worth relating is that we’re going to Kyoto in two weeks, to take the half of the vacation we forfeited this spring in the wake of the tsunami/earthquake/nuclear disaster/rampant uncertainty/etc. It’ll be nice to get away for a bit, and it will be interesting to see Japan at a different time of year.

Finally, I’ve been putting together a set of photos of the resident felines (all six of them). I’ll try to get that put up on Flickr this weekend.

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