Yup, Lots of Snow

IMG_5652, originally uploaded by Adam Schabtach.

Boulder got dumped on last night and this morning. There are drifts well over a foot deep here at the house. I put up some photos from the morning’s excavation on my Flickr page here.

It’s White Before Christmas

Looks like we’re in for a good snowstorm tonight. It’s just before 9:00PM, we’ve already received a couple of inches, and it’s still snowing steadily. There’s a Winter Storm Warning in effect with snowfall rates predicted to be up to one inch or more per hour, with a total accumulation of up to 12 inches here at Boulder. I dashed outside to take a couple of snapshots of the lights on the house and the snow. They’re not great–my camera just isn’t up to low-light photography–but it’s kind of neat how the flash caught the flakes in the air. read more


The temperature hit a low of 4F (that’s -15C if you live in a country with a sane measurement system) last night, and the high today was barely above 10F/-12C. This makes it easily the coldest day so far this season. We happened to have our monthly delivery of bottled water today, and it was partly frozen:IMG 5609