Yay! Back in Tokyo

Today we arrived in Tokyo, which is probably my favorite place on Earth. It’s about 7:45PM local time; we’ve been here since about 4:15PM. The journey was remarkably smooth and, by some fluke, we arrived at the hotel in a much more alert and energetic state than usual. On previous visits we’ve usually collapsed into bed by around 5:00, but this time we went out for a bit of shopping in Asakusa and then hit the nearby grocery store (one of a chain here named Life) for things like take-out sushi and two litres of our favorite bottled green tea. Fatigue and jet-lag are going to hit me hard soon, though, so this will be a brief entry.

Without setting out to do so, I bought a new tea pot. There’s a litte shop in Asakusa that sells pots and other ceramic wares. I bought a pot from them several years ago and it became a favorite which I use almost every day. It was made by hand and the clerk made a point of drawing a map of Japan for me to illustrate where it came from. Last time we were here I sought out the shop but didn’t find anything that I had to have, so I figured another quick visit would be safe enough. I’m happy to say that I was wrong; I almost immediately spotted a pot that I had to buy.

The Sky Tree is blue this evening. The porter who escorted us to our room mentioned that it’s a different color on weekends. Here’s a snapshot from our room:

Now I’m going to bed.

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