Last Night in Tokyo

It’s 9:30PM in Tokyo. We head home tomorrow afternoon. It’s been a fine trip but we’ve been putting in some pretty long days, and hence I haven’t been left with much energy for blogging in the evenings.

We went to Akihabara today. It’s such a great place if you have even a trace of computer geek in your blood. I saw some really sleek laptop computers and snuck a photo of a maid-cafe’ employee:

(I’ve got a number of other silly photos that I want to post here, but they’re stuck in my iPod currently because I don’t have iTunes on my traveling netbook.) After spending a couple of hours there we went back to Ginza to rendezvous with our friend Rafael. We poked around Ginza a bit and eventually went back to Asakusa for yakitori. Here we all are:

Then we spent the evening packing, and now it’s time for bed. Here’s a shot of the moon rising near the Sky Tree:

We went to the Sky Tree yesterday. We knew we wouldn’t even try to ascend it, since you have to buy tickets at least a month in advance, but we were curious to see what the area was like. The roots of the Sky Tree, metaphorically speaking, are in a very nicely done new shopping mall, with an aquarium(!) and a few other attractions.

Okay, I must go to bed now. It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow.


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